ARTICLE: Bringing Magic into Schools

The Times-Record featured an article about Heartwood Goes to School in the February 24 edition of its Ticket section:

A woman in black tights with a long red braid stands in the middle of the gymnasium, doing movements, making motions. Hands up. Hands down. Head right. Head left. Step forward. Step Back. Wave hands. Spread fingers. Make two fists. Shake whole body. Repeat.

Twenty-five fourth-graders follow every move of the woman. Tentative at first. Then with more confidence. Then with real energy. Their attention never wavers during this demonstration, not even for a second. Not even once during the next hour.

Every once in a while the woman pauses and walks up to a student and lovingly but firmly imparts some advice. “Spread your fingers more.” “Stand tall.” “Focus.” “Energy.” 

Who is this woman and who are these kids and why aren’t they in class learning what kids need to know to pass a test and be successful? Has the world of education gone haywire?

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