Heartwood Delivers Family Fun - Times Two!

A double dose of family entertainment awaits - at family prices - as Heartwood presents two unique performances of storytelling to the Midcoast. Friday, Dec. 7th, the public can experience “American Tales,” an original production currently touring Midcoast schools, as part of the Heartwood Goes to School outreach program. Monday, Dec. 10th, Karen Montanaro, renowned mime/ballet performer, and Jackie Reifer, monologist and mime, will perform 3 premier pieces of physical storytelling, being filmed live, by Montanaro’s director Robert Post, a famous one-man show, himself.

“American Tales” is a compilation of three tall tales, from varying parts of America, performed in classic story telling style with minimal set and props, but with maximum enthusiasm. The show begins with Elise Voigt’s telling of the Pawnee Native American Legend, “Mud Pony.” Elise, Millie Santiago and Beverly Mann continue with the Bayou tale of “Wiley and the Hairy Man” and “Dust Devil,” by children’s book author, Anne Isaacs. Range of storytelling style makes for an engaging evening, a perfect night out for families! Don’t miss this single performance in the Parker Poe Theater at Lincoln Academy, on Friday, Dec. 7th at 7pm. Tickets are $5/students; $10/adults. No reservations – tickets available at the door, opening at 6:30pm.

The Dec. 10th performance will showcase Karen Montanaro (www.mimetheater.com), a renowned dancer and mime artist, an award-winning choreographer, and the innovator of "mimedance.” In 2008, the Maine Arts Commission awarded Karen the prestigious Individual Artist Fellowship Grant, toward the creation of an original piece, “The Journey,” scored by Boston-based composer Sharon Crumrine, with grant support from NEFA. “The Journey” is being filmed in the Parker Poe Theater at Lincoln Academy, in front of a live audience – you!

Montanaro will also premier a brand new eccentric dance, “a most unusual piece, and probably the most difficult Robert and I have ever worked on, together – in the style of Chaplin, Dean Martin etc.,” says Karen.

Jackie Reifer, of Reifer and Saccone (www.reiferandsaccone.com), who toured with Tony Montanaro’s Celebration Theater Ensemble for five years, will also be performing. Through the winning combination of physical storytelling and monologue, Jackie will premier a delightful piece about a woman who moves from the sophistication of Manhattan to down-home, Maine – and all that this move entails.

No children under 6 years, please. This performance is being professionally filmed and audience attention is a must. This special evening of storytelling can be found in the Parker Poe Theater at Lincoln Academy, on Monday, Dec. 10th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $5/students; $10/adults. No reservations – tickets available at the door, opening at 7:00pm.

Heartwood’s season is proudly sponsored by Bath Savings Institution. The Heartwood Goes to School outreach program is sponsored by The First and Damariscotta Hardware, and “American Tales” is sponsored by Young’uns of Damariscotta. Visit www.heartwoodtheater.org for more info.

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