RELEASE DATE: April 30, 2013

Heartwood Theater’s modern “Macbeth” opened last weekend, and audiences found that truly, it was not what they were thinking. In a contemporary setting, with a young cast, movie-like sound track, multi projections, and beautiful, complex lighting, Shakespeare suddenly becomes very accessible.

As a very young and lovely Lady Macbeth made her first entrance, one could hear a stir in the audience and an audible gasp, “Oh my God, THAT is going to be Lady Macbeth.”

A savvy, experienced cast is led by an equally young and handsome Macbeth, whose boundless energy and focus leave one breathless.

A powerhouse Macduff is delivered by equity actor, JP Guimont, of Portland. His tears become our tears, and his passion is superb.

Fight scenes unfold just ten feet from first row audience, and the hours of fight direction and rehearsals under Mark Bedell come to fruition, as the audience winces, flinches, and agonizes with each fresh onslaught.

In this unassuming, red shingle building at Lincoln Academy, known to locals as “the old gym,” you will find the curtain pulled back on Shakespeare you won’t believe. Typical of audience feedback, one gentleman left saying, “You have found a new level of theater, here.”

Get a glimpse for yourself. View the two promo video trailers on Heartwood’s website, at www.heartwoodtheater.org.

Screw your courage to the sticking place, this weekend, and experience Shakespeare’s timeless genius through a new lens, with this contemporary adaptation of “Macbeth.” Content suitable for adults and mature teens.

Show sponsors: Cheney Insurance Agency and Newcastle Square Realty. Season sponsor: Bath Savings Institution.

Remaining performances of “Macbeth” are May 3, 4, 9, 10 & 11 at 7:30 pm with one 3:00 matinee, Sunday, May 5 in the Parker Poe Theater, Newcastle. Tickets are $10/students, $20/adults (advance), $22 (at the door). Reservations: 563-1373 or boxoffice@heartwoodtheater.org. For details/directions visit www.heartwoodtheater.org.

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