RELEASE DATE: April 8, 2013

"Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more..." (Macbeth) Heartwood’s actors will have their brief hour upon the stage, in seven fleeting performances of “Macbeth,” opening April 26th.

Heartwood offers a fresh, new look at Shakespeare’s classic “Macbeth,” filled with modern technology, delivered by an exceptionally strong regional cast in a contemporary setting. A young, dynamic ensemble melds the traditional and the unexpected in this version of “The Scottish Play.”

“It’s a joy working with this experienced, savvy cast, many of whom come with very strong resumes. They’re open and motivated to explore and produce this show, tailored to this time and performance space,” notes Director, Griff Braley.











The mammoth role of Macbeth is taken on by 28 year old Chris Davis, who grew up in Falmouth and has been living and working in NY for the past five years. Davis, who moved to Damariscotta for the six week production process, says, “Traditionally played older, I find the role of Macbeth fascinating, in this modern setting where power and social status are just as relevant as the hierarchy of the Elizabethan times.”

In the role of Lady Macbeth is Elise Voigt, who finds it “…tremendously interesting searching within the context of today’s world for an interpretation of Shakespeare’s verse that holds truth for us - exploring modern relationship dynamics, while using elevated poetic language. I think the result will be a marriage the audience is startled to recognize.”

The noble Macduff family is led by Portland Area equity actor JP Guilmont, who played the role of Macduff last summer, in Freeport. At his side is Marjolaine Whittlesey as Lady Macduff and Son, Jojo Martin.

Movie actor, stunt coordinator and performer, Mark Bedell, further charges the atmosphere as the noble Banquo.

The Three Witches, Mary Boothby, Margo O’Leary and Dana Wieluns (movement coach for the witches) are joined by Millie Santiago, as Hecate.

Further permeating the stage with drama, intrigue and power are Joe McGrann and Peter Christine, as the Scottish noblemen Ross and Angus, and Macbeth’s drunken Porter, performed by Jim Reitz, of Thomaston.

Bill Vaughan takes on the role of King Duncan, with sons Malcolm and Donalbain portrayed by Coady Robson and Tyson Bailey. Lincoln Academy student Mickey McAtee appears as Young Seward and Murderer.

In a “virtual role,” Portland actor Tony Reilly of AIRE Theater appears in a pre-filmed green screen scene, as Sergeant.

Whence is that knocking? It’s Heartwood’s “Macbeth.” Better get it on your calendar!

Show sponsors: Cheney Insurance Agency and Newcastle Square Realty. Season sponsor: Bath Savings Institution.

“Macbeth” runs April 26, 27 and May 3, 4, 9-11 at 7:30 pm with one 3:00 matinee, Sunday, May 5 in the Parker Poe Theater, Newcastle. Tickets are $10/students, $20/adults (advance), $22 (at the door). Reservations: 563-1373 or boxoffice@heartwoodtheater.org. For details/directions visit www.heartwoodtheater.org.

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