The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - This Weekend!

Into the world of Narnia …the wicked White Witch, the mysterious wardrobe, the enormous Aslan … Heartwood Theater, in collaboration with GSB/AOS93, will present three performances for GSB students and three public performances Feb 7 & 8 of a one act student version of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” by C.S. Lewis. (With this many students on stage and only 3 public performances, better make your reservation soon – there may not be tickets available at the door.)

Education is clearly common ground, between Heartwood and Midcoast student educators, and true collaborations are a win-win.  That’s why Heartwood’s Artistic Director, Griff Braley, approached Great Salt Bay School and AOS93 with the idea of a combined winter theater program, open to all Midcoast middle school students.

Of course, it’s always about the performance, but as educators – the focus sits squarely on the learning process.  The opportunities for student growth in the run of a production are countless.  From learning lines and simply keeping track of one’s own costume, to understanding the literature and the concept of ensemble, where each actor has value for the entire group and bring their talents for the success of the production.

Many parents have regularly observed rehearsals, including Jenny Mayher, who has this to say, from a parent’s viewpoint:  "As a parent, I appreciate the investment Heartwood is making in these young actors.  There is professional stage management, lighting and sets by Tish Munson and others and costume design by Sue Ghoreyeb,   which doesn't miss a detail.  As he directs, Griff Braley never misses a chance to teach: about literature, about character and motivation, about the history and craft of theater.   He weaves these concepts seamlessly into his direction, and the cast is learning, even as they move from place to place on stage. I feel incredibly grateful fo the education my son is getting through his experience in this show."

“It takes a community” is definitely played out through this collaboration.  Under the co-direction of Griff Braley and Heidi Kopishke, GSB teacher and parent liaison, the tech crew works their magic and many parents volunteer help with costuming, set construction and painting … and the essential art of managing nearly 30 middle school students during rehearsal time.

Financial resources from Heartwood, GSB PTO, and an existing drama fund for AOS93 have been bolstered by several Heartwood Sponsors:  Winter Drama Adventure Sponsor, The First, Show Sponsor, Young’uns, Heartwood Season Youth Sponsor, Damariscotta Hardware, and Heartwood’s Season Sponsor, Bath Savings Institution.


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