In One Fateful Moment ...

In one fateful decision, in one moment of action, one’s world can spin, spiral and be forever altered.  For Jim Cullen, in Northern Maine, 1873, that moment revolved around a pair of boots, stolen from the general store.  From that moment, comes his legend.  From his legend comes Heartwood Theater’s original dramatic musical, “The Legend of Jim Cullen.”

From the premiere performance last summer, grew an ambitious collaboration between Heartwood’s Artistic Director and Playwright, Griff Braley, and Composer / Director / Musician, Aaron Robinson.  Through months of writing and rewrites of script and dialogue, music and lyrics, these two artists have developed a full scale dramatic musical, with 30 Broadway style numbers, delivered by a strong cast from around the country.

Act One bolts from the gate and gallops through dynamic storytelling, staged spectacle and a satisfying musical score.  A chilling narrative unfolds, as Jim Cullen becomes the only man to be lynched, in the recorded history of New England – a difficult story, with no easy answers.  Act Two settles down upon the questions and brings another round of compelling music, from a cast deep with vocal talent.

As Bateman, the tale’s narrator muses, “And now, we lean upon the sharp tooth of the question: when you look, what do you see?”  Ahh.  There is so much to see.  And to hear.  And to consider.  Historical scenes and full screen projections, lyrical tunes and foot stomping work songs, large, challenging choral pieces and sweeping solos, imaginative staging, engaging storytelling, witty dialogue and philosophical musings.

If you’re hankering to sink your teeth into some meaty, compelling musical theater this summer, don’t hesitate to make your reservations for “The Legend of Jim Cullen.”

Funded in part by Season Sponsor Bath Savings Institution, Productions Sponsor Granite Hill Estates, and Show Sponsors: HM Payson, J&H Landscaping and Newcastle Publick House.


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