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"Godspell” Heats Up At Heartwood

Temperatures may be plummeting outdoors, but things are just heating up in the Poe Theater, as Heartwood and Lincoln Academy’s collaborative youth production of the Broadway musical, Godspell, races toward opening night, Oct 19th. The well known and loved tunes and parables based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew have once again found their voice in a young and enthusiastic cast, under the direction of Griff Braley and Beth Preston.

Heartwood Theater and Lincoln Academy Present Annual Youth Production

Collaborating with Lincoln Academy on extraordinary youth productions has been a Heartwood tradition for many years. “Combining personnel and financial resources from both entities provides the maximum opportunity for Midcoast students,” says Heartwood Board President, Pam Gormley. This year’s joint efforts will be showcased in the popular Broadway musical, Godspell. Brimming with toe-tappingly infectious tunes based on parables from the Gospel According to St.

Heartwood Kicks of 10th Anniversary Season with Godspell

Heartwood Regional Theater Company, now entering its 10th anniversary season, is deep into rehearsals for its annual youth production, in collaboration with Lincoln Academy. The popular Broadway musical, Godspell, will open on October 19th under the direction of Griff Braley, with a very enthusiastic cast of student actors and musicians.

REVIEW: Heartwood's "The House of Bernarda Alba" an artistic triumph

(Review by Eleanor Cade Busby for the Lincoln County News)

Heartwood’s production of Federico Garcia Lorca’s final play” The House of Bernarda Alba” opened last weekend in Newcastle to sold-out houses.

REVIEW: Compelling Theater in Heartwood's Lorca Production

(Review by Maryli Tiemann for the Brunswick Times Record, Boothbay Register, Wiscasset Times, and Rocky Coast News)

REVIEW: A Smoldering Triumph: Heartwood's 'Bernarda Alba'

(Review by David Treadwell for the New Maine Times)

Adela (youngest daughter): “My body belongs to whomever I want.”

Bernarda Alba (mother): “A daughter who disobeys her mother becomes an enemy.”

The stark set creates the tone. High walls, mottled with green and gray and brown. A rocking chair. A sink. Two vases. Nothing more.

Heartwood Heats Up with “The House of Bernarda Alba”

It’s live. It’s intense. And it’s brimming with artistry. Heartwood Regional Theater Company opens “The House of Bernarda Alba,” written by Federico Garcia Lorca and adapted by Emily Mann, on July 20th in the newly air conditioned Parker Poe Theater, at Lincoln Academy, Newcastle. Juanito Pascual, acclaimed as one of the top young flamenco guitarists on the international music scene, improvises original musical throughout, electrifying an already charged performance by an engaging female ensemble of ten.

PREVIEW: See How They Run (See it!)

(Pre-opening review by David Treadwell for the New Maine Times)

The setting is a living room in a British vicarage. The décor is tasteful, refined, proper. A cozy brown couch, a comfortable red leather chair, an easy-to-access bar over to the left. A chandelier. Billowy curtains. Three doors: the glassed one in the center opens out into a garden; the two on the right are just simple doors. Music evoking the World War II era plays in the background.

PREVIEW: Take Time to Enjoy See How They Run

(Pre-opening review by Maryli Tiemann for the Brunswick Times Record, Boothbay Register, Wiscasset Times, and Rocky Coast News)

REVIEW: Thursday Nights Reading of "Agamemnon"

The March 22 edition of the Lincoln Coounty News reviewed or recent reading of "Agamemnon" as part of the ongoing Thursday Nights series.

Click here to read the full review.

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