About Heartwood and Our Mission



Heartwood Theater promotes the theater art experience in the lives of children and adults in the community. Performers and audiences alike share an artistic experience that challenges the human spirit and inspires personal growth and enlightenment.

The Heartwood experience focuses on the beauty of artistic expression, the necessity of social discourse, a passion for artistic growth and excellence, an examination of the human spirit and an assumption of our vital human purpose.



The Heartwood Theater is formed for the purpose of:
1) regional youth education in the theater arts
2) regional adult education in the theater arts
3) an annual performance schedule open to the public

The theater arts are inclusive of nearly all artistic disciplines. With small theater ensembles, both youth and adult, working in temporary spaces as a starting point, Heartwood has developed and implemented a broad vision - to include educational and performance opportunities across a number of art disciplines.



Spirit -- Members, employees and volunteers of the organization endeavor at all times to behave with integrity - with one another, with audience members, with visiting artists, with volunteers, and with staff.

Clear, kind and honest communication that honors both high expectations and sensitivity, are the rule.



All productions endeavor to the highest possible standards and expectations given the human and material resources within our possession. We strive to touch our audience's intellect and emotion, as well as their senses of social, emotional, and spiritual well being.

As is essential in the theater, art at Heartwood  takes all forms, from dance and music to sculpture, from performance to graphics. All elements of performance and technical theater are honored and valued.

Art that invigorates, amuses, challenges, energizes and uplifts is the basis of production decisions.

A financially and artistically reasonable organization balances its possibilities with careful decision making. Artistic decisions are the driving force at Heartwood. The financial and decision-making entities will endeavor to uphold and support these choices by providing adequate material and community resources.



Adults will understand their place as role models to the youth who participate in Heartwood programs. All adult-to-child interactions will be undertaken with the understanding that Heartwood will be a safe, healthy environment in which youngsters can grow in their talents and in their self perceptions.

Heartwood theater is a substance free environment. Student participants will be mentored and encouraged to excel with the understanding that academics and personal health take precedence over performance.

In the interest of family and personal health, one day per week is scheduled as a dark day for the theater. No organized performances, rehearsals or other formal business will be undertaken. Exceptions to this principle include matinees during performance runs and occasional emergencies.


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