Heartwood Regional Theater Company (HRTC) was founded in September 2003 with the primary purpose of promoting the theater arts experience in the lives of children and adults of Midcoast Maine.  To achieve this vision, Heartwood has focused on youth and adult theater education, an annual performance schedule open to the public, and collaboration with professionals, students, adults, community members, community groups, and educational institutions. The creation of full theater arts/education facilities, with music, theater, rehearsal, technical, performance, and classroom space is the far reaching vision of this organization.

Over its history, Heartwood has engaged thousands of audience members, volunteer and professional performers, musicians, and technical artists, and has built a strong reputation as an important artistic force in Midcoast Maine.


Heartwood provides audiences with a full range of exciting and challenging productions ~ Classics, Musicals, Education and Original Works.


Theater arts education for children and adults remains a central component of HRTC programs.  Through Heartwood programs and performances, students and adults have opportunities to learn technical theater, voice, movement, dance, character, ensemble, and other fundamentals from professional artists across the state.

The summer camp program continues as an integral part of Heartwood’s educational offering, attracting theater students from all over Midcoast Maine, as well as many out-of-state visiting students.  As part of this program, Heartwood brings in visiting artists to create unique learning and performance experiences, with sessions in Shakespeare, stage combat, improvisation, acting, vocal performance, dance/movement, mask, puppetry, performance etiquette, physical comedy and storytelling. 

Artists and instructors who have collaborated with Heartwood to provide theater arts education include Michelle Bruckner, Mark Bedell, John and Carol Farrell, Lee Faulkner, Laura Graham, Mandy Houtari, Debi Irons, Alison Machaiek, Beverly Mann, Karen Montanaro, Antonio Rocha, Shamou, Steve Urkowitz, Dixie Weisman, Ian Bannon and many others.


Heartwood began collaborating with professionals, students, adults, community members, community groups, and educational institutions in 2004, as a way to gather resources, and discovered the power of theatrical unity through these profound experiences.  The unexpected outcome has been an emphasis on relationships that has resulted in transformational growth.  Collaboration has become the essence of the Heartwood experience for artists, instructors, musicians, students, and audience members alike.

Some relationships formed over the years include:

  • Lincoln Academy in Newcastle
  • Skidompha Library in Damariscotta
  • Flamenco guitarist Juanito Pasqual
  • Wiscasset Schools in Wiscasset
  • Bates College Dance instructor Sarah McCormick
  • Puppeteers John and Carol Farrell & Ian Bannon 
  •        of Figures of Speech
  • Music group Castlebay
  • New York actor/writer Pierre-Marc Diennet
  • Mime/dance performer & instructor Karen Montanaro
  • Percussionist Shamou
  • Artist George Mason
  • Artist Mary Boothby
  • Movement/dance performer and instructor Debi Irons
  • Fight choreographer Mark Bedell
  • Mask Theater & Movement Instructor Beverly Mann
  • Broadway Choreographer, Michelle Bruckner

Financial Support ...

... comes from foundations, donors and sponsors throughout Maine and beyond.  Heartwood has received grants from the Maine Community Foundation, Libra Foundation, Davis Family Foundation, Maine Arts Commission, and others.   We thrive on the community partnerships developed with more than 100 advertisers and sponsors, with whose support we continue to provide programming.

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