April 26, 27;  May 3, 4, 9, 10, 11
evenings 7:30

May 5
matinee 3:00

Adults: $20 advance, $22 at the door; Students $12 (high school and younger)

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A special Heartwood techno-psycho-thriller adaptation of Shakespeare's short, shocking tragedy. With 16 actors, the production maintains a devotion to Shakespeare's language, in a conceptual visual framework that features live video, sequenced pre-made film pieces, music, illusions, shadow, and a full aural landscape. Macbeth's plot centers on the core themes of ambition, dualism, evil, transience, and the shadow life. Audiences share Macbeth's hyper-experience, in his brief time upon the stage.


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Chris Davis (Macbeth)
Elise Voigt (Lady Macbeth)
JP Guilmont (Macduff)
Marjolaine Whittlesey (Lady Macduff)
Jojo Martin ( Macduff's son)
Mark Bedell (Banquo)
Mary Boothby (Witch)
Margo O’Leary (Witch)
Dana Wieluns (Witch)
Millie Santiago (Hecate)
Joe McGrann (Ross)
Peter Christine (Angus)
Jim Reitz (Porter)
Bill Vaughan (Duncan)
Coady Robson (Malcolm )
Tyson Bailey (Donalbain)
Mickey McAtee (Young Seward and Murderer)
Tony Reilly (Sergeant)

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