The House of Bernarda Alba

The House of Bernarda Alba

July 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 
evenings 7:30

July 29
matinee 3:00

Adults $18, Students $12

A masterpiece of modern drama written in 1936, just before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, this gripping, fully-staged all-female drama takes place on the day of the funeral of Bernarda Alba's second husband. Imposing an eight year period of mourning on her restless daughters, Bernarda rules with an iron fist. Pepe el Romano, a handsome man young man of the village is engaged to the family's eldest daughter. But when the truth of the sister's relationships cuts through the atmosphere of suppressed desire, jealousy, anger and fear, the results are tragic. Our special production comes to vivid life with an original musical score composed and performed live by acclaimed flamenco guitarist Juanito PascualSponsored by



Millie Santiago (Bernarda Alba)
Beverly Mann (La Poncia)
Mary Boothby (Angustias)
Elise Voigt (Magdalena)
Katie Matzell (Amelia)
Rowan Carroll-Christopher (Martirio)
Maddy Sherrill (Adela)
Margo Morrison O'LEeary (María Josefa)
Nancy-Grace Dersham (Maid)
Kim Fletcher (Prudencia)

Musical score composed and performed by JuanIto Pascual

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