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PREVIEW: See How They Run (See it!)

(Pre-opening review by David Treadwell for the New Maine Times)

The setting is a living room in a British vicarage. The décor is tasteful, refined, proper. A cozy brown couch, a comfortable red leather chair, an easy-to-access bar over to the left. A chandelier. Billowy curtains. Three doors: the glassed one in the center opens out into a garden; the two on the right are just simple doors. Music evoking the World War II era plays in the background.

PREVIEW: Take Time to Enjoy See How They Run

(Pre-opening review by Maryli Tiemann for the Brunswick Times Record, Boothbay Register, Wiscasset Times, and Rocky Coast News)

REVIEW: Thursday Nights Reading of "Agamemnon"

The March 22 edition of the Lincoln Coounty News reviewed or recent reading of "Agamemnon" as part of the ongoing Thursday Nights series.

Click here to read the full review.

The Lincoln County News reviews our Thursday Nights reading of "Freud's Last Session"

 The Febtruary 23 issue of the Lincoln County News contains a review of our recent reading of "Freud's Last Session" by Mark St. Germain. Click here to read the review online.

PREVIEW: Heartwood Theater's Glimpse into Shaker Life

(Pre-opening review by Maryli Tiemann for the Brunswick Times Record and Boothbay Register)

A simple stage set in Damariscotta’s Skidompha Library allows nine women to share the intimacy of an 1830’s Shaker Village in Heartwood Theater Company’s newest production, As It Is in Heaven.

REVIEW: The New Maine Times previews "As It Is In Heaven"

Click HERE to read this story on the New Maine Times site.

As It Is In Heaven: A Simple (Magnificent) Gift
By David Treadwell

“‘Tis a gift to be simple, ‘tis a gift to be free….”

REVIEW: The Spectacle of Beowulf

 The Lincoln County News reviews Heartwood's youth production of "Beowulf."

Click here to read the full review.

ARCHIVE REVIEW: The New Maine Times says "Beowulf Bedazzles"

Beowulf Bedazzles

By David Treadwell for the New Maine Times

ARCHIVE REVIEW: The Times Record reviews "Sunday in the Park with George"

The following review appeared in the Thursday, July 7 edition of the Brunswick Times Record:

ARCHIVE REVIEW: Audiences Dazzled By Magic Of Heartwood's 'Sunday In The Park With George'

The Lincoln County News reviews our production of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's award-winning  musical "Sunday in the Park with George."

Click here to read the review.

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